Competition Rules

  • All Run – No ET break
  • Deep staging honored
  • No dragsters
  • Left hand steer roadsters permitted
  • Air/electric shifters permitted
  • No transbrake button on steering wheel
  • Footbrake only. No starting line enhancers (transbrakes, 2-steps, etc)
  • Double entries permitted
  • Bye run goes to best winning reaction time from previous round
  • Unused bye runs will carry to next round
  • Racers will be paired on a ladder when 8 or less remain in competition. The ladder/pairings will be regenerated every round based on reaction time. 

Note: every effort has been made to provide all pertinent information regarding our events. Coalburg Racing Promotions is not responsible for errors or omissions on this page. All rules, regulations and scheduling are subject to change at the sole discretion of Coalburg Racing Promotions. By participating in the event, you agree to these terms.