Thursday Gambler’s Race

Your Thursday WFC Gambler winner, Jamie Holston over Tony Mattera.

Yukon Gear & Axle Friday – $10,000 Event

Congrats to Roger Bridges, for his $10,000 win in the Yukon Gear and Axle Friday main event. John Rollins, took the runner up honors in his WFC debut. Well done gentlemen!
With Holston on the bye to the final, Tony Mattera defeated Hamrich to move himself into the final, where an untimely -.011 red-light by Mattera handed the win to Holston.

“I don’t know how I was doing it,” said Holston. “I was just leaving it up to God to make the runs and I give Him all the glory.”

Gambler’s Race
The final run of the night, was great friends, Josh Green and Adam Davis. Josh took the $3,000 gamblers race win, in his beautiful Chevy II, after Adam turned on the red light in his equally beautiful ride. Congrats guys!

Yukon Gear & Axle Saturday – $20,000 Event

Nasty Nick Hastings collected a $20,000 payday with his big win on Yukon Gear and Axle Saturday. Hastings got by Chad Dotson in the final, after Chad broke out by 12 thousandths. Congrats to both of these talented drivers on a great day at the BTE World Footbrake Challenge.

After telepathic reaction times all day for footbrake drivers, both might have said to themselves, “Don’t go red, don’t go red.” Dotson left first based on his dial-in with an .033 light while Hastings was even worse with an.051. But at the finish line, it was Hastings showing why he’s nicknamed “Nasty Nick,” because he backed off and let Dotson take the stripe, running out in the process to send the $20K back home to Ohio with Hastings.

“The amazing talent that’s here at this race and come out like this is a blessing,” said Hastings. “And to do it with my whole family here is a dream come true.”

BTE Sunday – $10,000 Event

The final race of the weekend, had Brandon Waller taking the $10,000 win, over Billy Janousek. Congrats to both drivers, on a strong finish to our weekend.

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